Monday, August 30, 2004

One quick answer.

Four and a half back now. Yankees and Red Sox are now back being head and shoulders above the league. Viva September.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Some Answers

Colin, it was a nice surprise to see that you had blogged during my jaunt to the confederacy and back. I'm gonna try to answer your questions briefly:

1) Sox are more than 10 games back because of a litany of injuries (the most notable, in my mind, is Trot's absence for the majority of the season), god awful defense (who would've guessed that replacing todd walker with pokey reese in the offseason would result in worse fielding stats? yes, i realize that the nomarscandalgateinjurything forced the regular play of bellhorn, who despite playing well is actually a downgrade from walker), and terrible coaching. did you know the sox are something pathetic like 3-15 in one run games?
2) I can't really explain the Rangers. Prolific offense, very solid defensively, tons of terrible pitchers whose deals with the devil haven't expired yet.
3) Cardinals are the best team in baseball because all the guys you mentioned are amazing, and their pitching staff has been extremely good. their bullpen is 4th in MLB in ARP. I'm not lying, see for yourself (oh yeah, you're not seeing things - texas is #2):

Team Bullpen Totals (teams ranked by Adjusted Runs Prevented):
LAD 325.0 113 3.42 48.7 3.61 42.1
TEX 336.7 152 3.48 48.3 3.71 39.7
SDP 329.3 139 3.92 31.1 3.69 39.6
STL 288.3 110 3.76 32.5 3.86 29.3

Similarly, their starting pitchers have been extremely solid. Nothing thats gonna get any statgeek all hot and bothered, but with the exception of matt morris, it'd be tough to find a more effective starting rotation at this point in the season:

Matt Morris 10.5
Chris Carpenter 31.4
Jason Marquis 28.6
Woody Williams 26.1
Jeff Suppan 25.9

4) I think the right answer to this question was "yes". Why exactly does larry bowa still have a job? Shouldn't they think about outsourcing the managerial position in philly to bangladesh or something? I'm pretty sure some underpaid dweeby guy there could probably get that team to the playoffs.

I refrained from commenting about all the deadline trades because I felt really saturated with all the coverage about it here in Boston. Obviously, trading a guy like Nomar is a big deal. But I think this bill simmon's article summarized my thoughts best, and hit the nail right on the head. I heart the boston sports guy.

I do like the trade from a baseball standpoint - sox were just horrible on D, and they got a couple more gold glovers. Sure, the dudes can't hit, or at least, haven't been hitting this year. But maybe they learn to use the monster (meinkads;fk, i'm looking at you lefty contact guy) and have a 60 games in a sox uni. Who knows.

I nearly pooped when I saw the Cardinals got Larry Walker. Just what they need: another slugger.

Also, I don't care how the Yankees or the new york media try to spin it - the yankees made a horrible deal in trading Jose Contreras for Esteban Loaiza. Ready for my hardcoah analysis, here it comes. Loaiza is a terrible pitcher who had one good season which (gasp!) happened to be a contract year. The only upside to the guy is that hes consistent - every game he gives up 5 or 6 runs and gives you 4 to 5 innings. If you'd rather have that then a guy who pitches well against every team except the red sox, then I guess its a good trade.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I need a title

Wow, the blog is so fancypants now. If you imaginary readers only knew the great options we have now you'd be amazed.

  • It used to be that you had to know html to do bullets
  • or change text color
  • or align center
  • or right
  • or bold and italics
  • or block quote, whatever the hell that means.

Anyway, here I am blogging. Why am I blogging you ask? Well, there's been no blog for a month, Nick is on his honeymoon, Derek is helping his girlfriend move to North Carolina, and I have serious problems focusing at work. When I was at Nick's wedding on Saturday, I met his friend and "best man," Justin. Justin commented about how I'm a huge geek. I know, you're thinking that I must get that all the time and it's not very comment worthy. The reason it stuck with me though is that Justin came to that conclusion by seeing "that website" that we made, aka this blog. Yes, that's correct. We officially have 2 verified people who have read the blog (still out there Brian?). So proud.

So I should probably try and give some baseball related content. Honestly I don't have a great sense of what's going on in baseball this year. I've been really busy and focused on other things, which I suppose is both good and bad. What I do know comes from my daily checks on my 4 fantasy teams and the standings in the morning paper. I will now comment on both.

As for the standings, there are some things that are very surprising to me having not really been paying attention. I would be grateful if someone explain to me a few things.

  1. Why are the Red Sox 10 games back? This was supposed to be the year when the Yankees and Sox were so head and shoulders above the rest of the league that the wild card was pointless. Discuss.
  2. How the hell did the Rangers suddenly pull it all together. I know they have a young and talented offensive core, but that's been true for years. Did their pitching staff suddenly discover voodoo? I see they are slipping now and I say it's about time.
  3. Similarly, how are the Cardinals the best team in the league? I know they have this great core of stars in Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds, and Renteria. Last I checked you needed more than that to win.
  4. The Braves are doing it again. I don't know if this is more a story about Philly and the way they waste talent or Atlanta and the way they somehow succeed despite losing talent every freakin year.

Someone please do me a favor and explain. My attention span is about used up, so maybe I'll talk about the fantasy season the next time I decide to blog.

PS - Where are your comments on the trade deadline deals?